Talent Management

Talent management  is the key to organizational effectiveness through human resource development .Today, the    biggest challenge facing the heads of Human Resource Departments of large organizations is to be able to focus on strategic HR activities while still effectively handling the routine operational HR. While most of these  operational  routine activities are technology enabled, it still requires considerable effort and time to keep the  systems  functionally and technically updated.

At Factorial we have a strong heritage of helping clients, deliver programs that improves overall corporate     performance. We offer immediate access to an array of HR management and HR consulting services that   enable us to become an extension of your company and handle critical HR-focused business    responsibilities for you.

  Attain Potential Performance,  Leadership Programs and Effectiveness

  We can help you manage :

  •   Formulation of personal policies
  •   Organizational behavior and development
  •   Performance and potential review system
  •   Remuneration system
  •   Employee surveys
  • Retention programs
  • Promotion and transitioning
  • Leadership development
  • workforce planning/identifying talent gaps
  • Employee verification
  • Recruitment and selection
  • HRMS Saas model

Critical HR solutions now can be effectively managed by ADRENALIN. Factorial is now an esteemed Partner with Polaris to sell their HRMS product for the Indian and SEA market. 

Adrenalin® goes beyond administrative efficiency and data support. It intuitively follows employee processes in the business and supports both the business leader and the employee user. The product facilitates alignment of employees to business goals, open communications, information sharing and transparent culture, thereby linking the employee closer to the organisation. The easy-to-navigate screens with self-explanatory titles and user friendly features make Adrenalin® extremely easy to learn and use on a regular basis.

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